Lai, Chien-Wen (賴建文)
Name Lai, Chien-Wen (賴建文)
Job title Associate Professor
Education Ph.D. in Business Administration, School of Management, National Central University, Taiwan
Year Paper Title
2012 Wen-Hsien Tsai、Elliott T.Y. Hwang、Jui-Chu Chang、賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), Turning Around Troubled Projects in an ERP Implementation Project from Consultancy Project Leaders’ perspectives, International Journal of Business and Systems Research, vol.6 no.2 pp.123-149, 2012
2012 Wen-Hsien Tsai、Elliott T.Y. Hwang、Jui-Chu Chang、賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), Taxonomy of cost of quality (COQ) across the enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation phases, African Journal of Business Management, vol.6 no.3 pp.854-864, 2012
2011 Wen-Hsien Tsai、Elliott T.Y. Hwang、Jui-Chu Chang、賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), Successful global ERP rollout: a case study, International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development, vol.10 no.1 pp.1-19, 2011
2010 賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai)*, HOW FINANCIAL ATTITUDES AND PRACTICES INFLUENCETHE IMPULSIVE BUYING BEHAVIOR OF COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, vol.38 no.3 pp.373-380, 2010
2010 Wen-Hsien Tsai、Wen-Chin Chou、賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), An effective evaluation model and improvement analysis for national park websites: A case study of Taiwan, TOURISM MANAGEMENT, vol.31 no.6 pp.936-952, 2010
2008 Wen-Hsien Tsai、賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai)、Li-Jung Tseng、Wen-Chin Chou, Embedding management discretionary power into an ABC model for a joint products mix decision, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS, vol.115 no.1 pp.210-220, 2008
2007 Tseng, L.-J.、賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), The Relationship Between Income Smoothing and Company Profitability: An Empirical Study, International Journal of Management, vol.24 no.4 pp.727-733, 2007
2007 Tsai, W.-H.、賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai)、Chang, J. -C., An Algorithm for Optimizing Joint Products Decision Based on the Theory of Constraints, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH, vol.45 no.15 pp.3421-3437, 2007
2007 Tsai, W.-H.、賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), Outsourcing or Capacity Expansions: Application of Activity-Based Costing Model on Joint Product Decisions., COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, vol.34 no.12 pp.3666-3681, 2007
Date of Publication Paper Title
2019.06 賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), 合併商譽真的能夠產生超額利潤嗎? /Can consolidated goodwill really generate excess profits? , 2019現代會計論壇學術研討會/2019 Modern Accounting Forum Symposium, Jun. 2019, 台灣/亞洲大學
2018.06 賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), Study of the Factors that Influence Brand Loyalty Toward the Use of Tablets in Indonesia , Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS-2018), Jun. 2018, Matsue, Japan
2018.05 賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai), 企業併購對經營績效影響之實證研究/An Empirical Study on the Impact of Corporate M&A on Operating Performance , 2018現代會計論壇學術研討會/2018 Modern Accounting Forum Symposium, May. 2018, 台灣/台中/中興大學
2016.07 賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai)、王癸元(Kuei-Yuan Wang)、Tzu-Yu Lin, A Comparative Study of Valuation and Value Drivers in the Auto Lamp Industry—Two cases of Auto Lamp Companies , 2016 10th International Conference on Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS 2016), Jul. 2016, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
2010.05 公司治理對海外投資之影響 , 2010兩岸會計資訊與管理研討會, May. 2010, 山東財政學院
2010.05 損益平穩化與企業價值關聯性之研究:從企業生命週期論析 , 2010兩岸會計資訊與管理研討會, May. 2010, 山東財政學院
Project Title Participator Period
聯產品作業基礎法決策模型建構與應用之研究 (96-2416-H-468-002-) 賴建文(Chien-Wen Lai) 2007.08 ~ 2008.07
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 81U00465A 成本會計學 113
Year Research Title Authors
108 人際關係、網路成癮與網路霸凌之研究 康倫維
108 情緒領導、團隊情感氛圍與績效表現之關聯性研究 吳奕興
108 情緒管理、網路成癮與網路霸凌之研究 鄭貽珊
108 應用作業基礎成本法於客戶利潤分析之探討-以某原木切割公司為例 馮正安
107 網路霸凌行為與學習成就、人際關係之研究 楊正川
107 同儕關係與遭受網路霸凌情緒反應之研究 王俊喻
107 社會階層化與高中職生從軍動機之研究
107 網路使用行為、同儕關係與網路霸凌之關係 賴煥文
107 高職學生對志願役士兵之認知與參與意願之研究 陳坤成
107 網站特性、產品口碑對遊戲產品購買意願影響之研究 簡富源
107 學習成就、人際關係與網路成癮之研究 蕭士亮
105 運輸業汽車維修零件物料管理 黃聖凱
105 溫泉泡湯活動對警察人員壓力紓解與生活品質之研究 吳嘉祥
105 鋼構工程墜落職災之研究 楊榮浩
105 露天開採作業安全衛生管理 林政緯
105 企業併購對財務績效影響之實證研究 魏嘉宏
101 以平衡計分卡評估策略聯盟績效之探討-以某記帳事務所為例 林靖媛
098 海外投資程度與公司治理 林琬珆
098 損益平穩化與企業價值關聯性之研究:從企業生命週期論析 林嘉鵬
097 海外投資程度對審計品質、審計意見、資訊透明度與會計師專精程度之影響 陳?薰