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Name Index Year Journal Papers
Ya-Ping HuChing-Min Lee Scopus 2022 Impact of Intellectual Capital on International Trade: Knowledge Management and Business Processes as Intermediaries
Shao-Chun ChiuShu-Yu Jhang Other 2022 Do You Use Mobile Payment while the Epidemic Coming?
Shao-Chun ChiuChing-Hua Chiang Other 2022 The Study on Sales Force of Water Purifier under Climate Change
Nai-Huan HsiungShao-Chun Chiu Other 2022 A Study on Prevention of e-Cigarette Use Susceptibility among Taiwan Youths during COVID-19
Szu-Hsien Lina, Huei-Hwa Laib, Tzu-Pu Changc, Yi-Jing Chend Other 2022 Discussion on Banking Efficiency and Determinants in the Digital Finance
Environment - Evidence in Taiwan
PARNG YUH JIUANKurrahman, TChen, Chih-CMing-Lang TsengHien Minh HaChun-Wei Remen Lin EI 2021 Visualizing the hierarchical sustainable human resource management under qualitative information and complex interrelationships
PARNG YUH JIUANSu-Chiu HoYi-Mien Lin Other 2021 The Effect of Accounting Conservatism on Cash Holdings: In Consideration of Agency Cost
Shao-Chun ChiuChang-Te Lee Other 2021 Survey on service satisfaction and willingness to continue using catering delivery platforms during the epidemic
Yeneneh Tamirat NegashMassoud MoslehpourPei-Kuan LINShao-Chun ChiuYung-Yen Liu SSCI 2021 Mapping Generation Y Tourists’ E-Loyalty: A Sustainable Framework through Hierarchical Structure and Fuzzy Set Theory
Yi-Mien LinChia-Hua ChangPARNG YUH JIUAN Other 2019 The Effect of Accounting Conservatism on Equity Valuation: Evidence from Corporate Life CycleJournal of Applied Finance & Banking