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Student Care and Activities

The Department provides students a study-friendly environment by means of scholarship offering, learning consultation, Lab workshop, setting up learning map and flexible office hour. They are briefly introduced as follows.

(1)Scholarship Offerings
The department offers a wide range of scholarships and bursary to students with outstanding academic performance or need financial aid. These students can also apply for the job of being a part time teaching or research assistant.
The department also awards students who obtain professional certificates and pass high level of examinations. The grants are disbursed from professor Chao-Tang Yu educational funds. The recognized achievement and grants are:
1. ERP certificate NT$1,200
2. Accounting /information certificate (mid-level) NT$2,000
3. Certified Bookkeeper/ junior civil service exam passed NT$10,000
4. CPA/ senior civil service exam passed NT$50,000

(2) Learning Consultation
We have mentor system in the class. The mentor provides learning and career consultation to students.

(3) Lab Workshop
The department often runs workshops in computer labs to facilitate students’ hand-on experience in operating accounting, tax and management software.

(4) Students’ Learning Map
Based on student’s interest and career planning, the department assists each student to set up his/her learning map in the university.