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Mission & Education Goals

The College of Management:
The College of Management will be recognized as one of the preeminent private business schools in Taiwan. Our primary goal is to encourage faculty and students in areas of innovation, excellence in teaching, research, and service. Our students will be capable of responding to a changing environment in an ethical, professional and sustainable manner.

AIS Department
In responding to fast-growing era, AU’s AIS Department takes a multidisciplinary approach to cultivate students becoming broader Accounting Professionals. We aim to become a preeminent Accounting education base for the fields in Accounting, Taxation, Law, and specifically Information systems.

Education Goals

 (1) Goals of Undergraduate Education
Students, who complete their bachelor degree in the Department, should be capable of:
Obtaining appropriate knowledge in Accounting theory and business management;
◎ Applying information technology in accounting practices;
◎ Integrating tax planning into business management; and
◎ Working as a team player with outstanding leadership and professional ethics.
(2) Goals of Postgraduate-master Degree Education
Students, who complete their master degree in the Department, should be capable of:
◎ Obtaining advanced skills in integrating IT with accounting practices in various business environments; and
◎ Conducting research, planning and problem-solving in the areas of accounting, taxation and business management.