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Resources & Facilities

■Learning Resources
1. You Chaotang Education Fund- awards are given to students obtained the following certificates.
• NT$1,200 for ERP license.
• NT$2,000 for passing Accounting or Information Level B exam.
• NT$10,000 for bookkeeper and common exam.
• NT$ 50,000 for CPA and High level exam.
• NT$ 5,000 for passing one subject of CPA exam.
• Overseas study scholarships: According to TOEIC scores, NT$5,000 is subsidizes for score 600 points, 10,000 for 700, 20,000 for 800, and 30,000 for 900 or more.
• NT$20,000 for attaining a doctoral program admission.
2. HiWin Accounting Elite class
HiWin Accounting Elite class is Sponsored by HIWin Technology Co., Ltd. The grants are used to support CPA and Bookkeeper tutoring classes at night.
3. Free professional license exam tutoring classes
• Accounting Principle Reinforcement class: Accounting principle classes are held regularly at night time to build a solid accounting foundation for students.
• Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Financial Accountant class: tutoring classes are held every year to help students obtain the certificate. 
4. Scholarships and grants
• Scholarships are given to students with academic excellence, economic disadvantages and good-neighborliness.
• Grants are also provided to part time work students, teaching assistantships and research assistantships.

■Professional Classroom and Lab
•    CPA Professional Study Room; Accounting and Taxation Professional Lab 
•    Hardware equipment such as multimedia computers, network equipment, projectors, scanners, ERP servers, digital course servers, and business intelligence servers.
•    Statistical Software such as SPSS, STATA, and EViews; Wenzhong Taxation System; Integrated Tax Accounting System; Accounting and Taxation Assistant ERP Software System; Business Intelligence Software System; E-commerce Virtual Platform; ACL Computer-Aided Audit System.

■Laboratories and Special Classrooms
CPA Professional Study Area, room M419 Accounting and Taxation Professional Lab(1), room M310 Maker's Space, room HB88
CPA Professional Study Room
(Management Building M419)
Intelligence Audit and Data Science Research Center
(Management Building M310)
AMC Maker's Space
(Medical and Health Building HB88)
ACM Maker's Classroom, room M614 Specialized Language Lab ,M410 Library Audiovisual Area
AMC Maker's Space
(Management Building M614)
Specialized Language Lab
(Management Building M410)
Library Audiovisual Area